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Lead Generation Software



To help track leads, we partnered with a nationally-recognized boat manufacturer to build a system that allows for their sales team to track the activity of potential buyers on their website (which was also built by Webfitters).

This system is currently used worldwide and is designed to give detailed information to the sales team regarding prospective buyer’s interaction on the company website. Each prospective buyer is given a lead “quality score” by the app based on the likelihood that the customer will actually make a purchase.

The quality score is determined by aspects such as demographics, geographical location, amount of web visits, income, and which products they are interested in. Once a connection is made with the prospect, the app allows the Sales Team to send automated emails customers before and after purchase, keep customer records, and live chat with visitors right on the website. All of this information is available through easy-to-read, yet detailed reports to help with future efforts.

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