Hi-Tech Plastics

WordPress Website & Product Display


Hi-Tech Plastics has been a client of Webfitters for nearly 5 years. Along with their website, we have also been assisting them with a variety of SEO related services. As we rolled out our Google Ads campaign for them, we noticed that we were getting the right visitors to the website but weren’t converting them into leads for Hi-Tech’s sales team. This brought up the conversation of a new website that would be geared toward engaging, informing, and eventually converting those who were looking for custom stretch film providers. The new website would also be mobile friendly and easy to update for HTTP.


Our team was able to provide Hi-Tech Plastics with a fresh look that aims at immediately grabbing the attention of visitors through colorful imagery and bold messaging. One of Hi-Tech’s unique specialties is the colored stretch film they offer. To reinforce this unique offering and tell their story through a strong visual, we use vibrant colors throughout the site. Products are very cleanly laid out, and visitors are able to send a message directly to the Hi-Tech team through the site to request information related to pricing and other product-based information.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Hi-Tech Plastics and are looking forward to their future online success. If you’re interested in learning how your site could do its job better for your business, contact us today!

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