Our Work

Green Bay News Network



We have been working with the Green Bay News Network for a number of years on their website, providing a number of changes and updates. As of earlier this year, they expressed the need for something that would give their readers a clean and more modernized design. News websites must educate and inform visitors in an organized and timely fashion, as well as provide relevant content on a consistent basis. 


The new and improved Green Bay News Network website gives visitors a clean and fast experience. The website is categorized into a variety of sections including local news, events, jobs, and a variety of other information. The site also provides promotions and savings for local businesses, as well as gives these companies the opportunity to increase their online presence. Another focal point for our team regarding the project was the design and development of the mobile version of the website. With a majority of visitors coming to the website from their phones, it was imperative that we focus on giving them the experience they expect.