Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society Inc.

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Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society, we can all experience the rich history of our local region! It’s always special to work on a project close to home, and this one presented a truly unique opportunity for our team.

Created to “hold, purchase, preserve, and acquire antiquities and real estate,” the Antiquarian Society has been in operation since 1923. Back then, a group of women took it upon themselves to make sure that our heritage did not slip away and would be available for generations to come!

Here we are, nearly 100 years later, and the efforts of the Antiquarian Society are still just as relevant.

In addition to displaying these treasured artifacts in area museums, schools, and financial institutions, the Society organizes book and study groups. But how could this non-profit make sure that the historical significance of its efforts were not only available to local residents?

That’s where we came in…

The Marketing Committee, under the oversight of the Board, engaged with Webfitters to overhaul the old website to build an online presence that is as vibrant as the organization itself.

The Antiquarian Society needed to address its visibility and communication and sought to better showcase historical items (including photos, locations, and history) online. It also sought a fresh and contemporary “look” that still felt classic, as a nod to the historical roots and mission of the organization.

Engaging new members and donors is also an ongoing need, so the Society looked for a web development team that could help it find and engage new users. Finally, the Antiquarian Society needed a way to quickly and easily get exhibits, news, events, donation information, and sign-up details out to the public.


After reviewing the nuanced needs of the Antiquarian Society, Webfitters dove right into the exciting challenge of building the new site. We began by refreshing the logo to a more contemporary layout and color palette, weaving in symbolism from the previous logo. The new site navigation has an enhanced look and feel, featuring new fonts and a thoughtful focus on user experience, natural flow, and accessibility.

The new website displays engaging information about member benefits and provides multiple pathways and calls to action to sign up for membership. An easy-to-navigate Events Calendar now showcases the numerous fundraising and community events. Additionally, to preserve the Antiquarian Society’s own history, we built a historical timeline to show the organization’s long-standing community involvement and impact.

One of the best new enhancements is the new Interactive Artifact Library to showcase the Antiquarian Society’s efforts to preserve Brown County’s history.

Ready to see this new site for yourself? Explore how we helped the Antiquarian Society preserve its legacy so that it can continue to protect our shared history:

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