G.D. Roberts & Company

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G.D. Roberts & Company is a family-run, fifth-generation organization rooted in the manufacturing industry. Located in Columbus, WI, G.D. Roberts was established in 1870 as a small, but valued blacksmith shop that has since evolved to meet the expanding needs of their customers, and advancing technology. 

Now, more than 150 years later, G.D. Roberts & Company has grown significantly and has since started, and acquired, three additional operating businesses.

Before they began to update the websites of the companies under their umbrella, they wanted to create a website for G.D Roberts & Company as the parent corporation. Their parent website was to serve as a central location for information to be found on the entire organization as a whole.

They reached out to our team to help create a website that encompassed the elements that made them more than just a manufacturer, but a vital part of their community.


A focus on storytelling was key to this website build. We wanted to engage users and capture their intrigue on how a local blacksmith shop grew over the course of 150 years to become a hub of manufacturing, and community, in a small, central Wisconsin town.

Throughout the website, users can better understand G.D Roberts & Company as a whole – their founding principles, history, team, and community involvement. Another important element of the website build was showcasing the three companies under G.D. Roberts; Roberts Manufacturing, Fisk Tank Carrier, and Powergistics.

Here’s a quick look at some of the bigger pages of the build:
  • Our Companies – each organization under G.D Roberts & Company is highlighted with their own page featuring an overview of the services and products offered, visual assets, and a brief testimonial.
  • Our Story – an interactive timeline showcasing historic pictures and details of the company’s progression over 150 years.
  • About Us – focusing on the mission behind G.D Roberts, the About Us page talks more about their dedication to their employees and customers. It also features a leadership section with contact information and fun quotes from the team.
  • Latest News – community involvement is an essential part of who G.D. Roberts & Company is. The Latest News is a place for their team to share articles regarding the company’s involvement in the community and other company announcements like completed projects and deliveries.

Congratulations to the team at G.D. Roberts & Company on the launch of their new website! We’re excited to see their company grow and can’t wait to get started on the redesign of their other three companies’ websites. 

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