WordPress Purpose Built Website, Service Callout Template, Event Calendar, and Blog


EDCi, or Electroline Data Communications Incorporated, was started in 1979 by Eugene Loftus Higgins out of Appleton, WI. Early on they served as a local distributor of electrical wire, cable, and specialty products. EDCi start to gain traction when they became a “value-added reseller of critical infrastructure tools and services, focusing primarily on power protection and precision cooling for IT equipment”.

Now, more than thirty years later, they are recognized as a top Wisconsin IT Solutions Provider, and have expanded into a second location in Milwaukee, WI. EDCi’s products and services not only benefit domestic consumers in the United States but provide enterprise-wide solutions, and technology and communications products and services, to customers around the world.

After working with outside vendors and internal team members on their website design and development over the years, EDCi knew they needed to bring someone in that could offer a final solution to their digital woes. Webfitters, along with EDCi’s own marketing personnel, teamed up to brainstorm strategic approaches to the website build and worked to establish their desired goals for the end product.

EDCi was on the hunt for:

  • A website that told their unique story
  • An informing and inspiring design
  • Easy-to-use back end
  • A vendor partner that truly understood their needs and was available when needed


Right away we formed a plan that would allow EDCi to both actively be involved in the build process and also lean on the Webfitter’s team when needed. Combining both sets of knowledge, skills, and experience would allow us to maximize on the website’s end-results.

The theme and overall look of a website really sets it apart from others and helps establish a brand identity. For EDCi’s website, we knew we had to incorporate elements and color schemes that reflected the nature of their products and services. An efficiently organized, clean layout with simple colors that don’t overwhelm the eye will lead to a memorable interaction with the site. A mostly duo-chromatic color scheme (red and black) paired with grey accents and a balanced use of white-space makes EDCi’s website really come together.

The next step of ours was creating pages that served specific purposes in regards to the availability of information. The first page we created was the EDCi blog. This page hosts different articles relating to the latest industry news, artificial intelligence, data protection, and tips and tricks for best-utilizing the different products and services offered by EDCi. With the ability to filter results by categories, viewers can easily find the information most relevant to them.

The second feature we added is an Events page so viewers can engage with EDCi when they are hosting or participating in sponsored events. The audience can easily see which events-tradeshows, workshops, networking events, etc-  are taking place and when. Also, additional details like the associated costs and a short description are available when the user clicks into the event.

Our team also put together a separate template for one of the current healthcare solutions that EDCi is promoting. This page contains critical information, the ability to request a demo, and content that informs the audience about the current offering.

Congratulations to EDCi on the launch of their new and improved website! It was a pleasure working with them again and we look forward to watching the growth of their company.

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