Chilton Family Dentistry is a dental practice located in the small town of Chilton, WI. Previously part of a commercial dental practice, Dr. Michael C. Popelars, DMD decided to start his own practice and bring family dentistry to the area after practicing in Northeast Wisconsin for over 10 years.

Dr. Popelars and his team were looking for a website that was reflective of the values they hold as dental professionals. 

We worked with Chilton Family Dentistry to deliver a website that was easy for patients to use, effective at showcasing their services, and provided important information for visitors to access.


Following our kickoff meeting and first design approvals, we got started on their new website which would become the hub for Chilton Family Dentistry’s online presence!

The goal was to create a clean, yet inviting look, so we prioritized the balance of white space with eye-catching banner images and their teal and gold accent colors.

We incorporated fun graphics that draw attention to the range of dental services offered at their clinic to provide a more visual experience for the user.

A ‘New Patients’ page allows prospective clients to find information commonly sought out when considering a new dental practice. A scheduling button was integrated into the page which, once clicked, takes the users to a contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page, allowing them to get in touch with the Chilton Family Dentistry office.

Congratulations again to Chilton Family Dentistry on the launch of their brand new site! We are so excited to see Dr. Popelars and his team grow their practice and provide affordable, family-friendly dental care in the Chilton area. 

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