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Brabazon Pump & Compressor

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Brabazon Pump & Compressor is Midwest’s largest distributor of compressed air vacuum and pump products. They operate locations in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wausau, Chicago, Minneapolis, Rockford, IL, as well as St. Louis. Brabazon approached our team at Webfitters looking for help increasing online sales for their air compressors and pump products as well as their repair and maintenance services.

While Brabazon is well-known and reputable amongst their existing customers, their website and overall digital presence had only been a small component to their overall marketing strategy. Webfitters was asked to develop a digital advertising strategy to help drive quality traffic to Brabazon.com with the goal to boost traffic and convert new online leads to loyal customers.


After initial research into Brabazon’s current digital presence and how they compared to their digital competitors, Webfitters determined a highly-targeted Google Advertising campaign would help drive quality leads. It would allow Brabazon to reach those companies who were actively searching for repair and/or maintenance services or looking to replace their air compressor or pump. Before we could dive into advertising, it was important to understand how Brabazon was performing in organic search compared to their competitors, and optimize their website to help boost their ranking in search organically, before we tried running paid search ads. 

Webfitters conducted extensive keyword research to identify the best words to optimize the site for as well as incorporate into their paid campaign. The quality keywords that were identified were incorporated into their website’s metadata, on-page copy as well as strategically placed with coordinating intent-based ad copy for specific landing pages. Once we had a solid search strategy, understanding our targeting strategy became equally important.

We analyzed Brabazon’s facility locations and determined a radius around those areas. We supported our pay-per-click campaigns with a remarketing campaign served inside Google’s display network. These remarketing ads are delivered only to users who have already visited Brabazon’s website. The goal for the remarketing campaign is to capture those users who may still be ‘shopping around’. These display ads are designed to assist those shoppers in the decision-making process to ultimately pull them to purchase with Brabazon versus their competitors. 

We launched Brabazon’s pay-per-click campaign under Google’s search network in May of 2019 and launched the remarketing campaign inside Google’s display network in August of 2019. From May 1 2019-October 31 2019, we generated 29 leads through Google Ads. During the same period in 2020, we have generated 101 leads through Google Ads, which shows a healthy 248% increase. 

Screen Shot from Brabazon Pump & Compressor Google Ads Performance

brabazon results.png

Screen Shot from Brabazon Pump & Compressor Google Analytics Performance

brabazon case image.png

To ensure our campaigns stay fresh, and we stay in-the-know about how our users behave, we conduct monthly in-depth reporting into website traffic, user behavior, changes in website health & ranking, as well as overall campaign performance. 

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