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Blue-U Defense
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Blue-U Defense is a New Hampshire based company that specializes in safety and security training within health care, financial institutions, education and insurance industries. They offer a highly talented and experienced team with backgrounds that range from military training to fraud prevention to Police/SWAT. Their purpose is to help their clients plan and prepare for safety and security breaches within their workplace. 

Blue-U was looking to consolidate their existing online entities into a single website that informed the public of what they offer and why it is such an important service.They wanted to tell their story in a way that truly connected with their target audience. They also needed a way to offer various packages and for users to be able to subscribe to those packages online. Lastly, to show that Blue-U is an industry leader, they wanted to be able to share tips and other bits of expertise with the general public in hopes of generating future relationships. 

Webfitters worked closely with Blue-U’s passionate team to develop powerful online brand standards, create strong yet simplified messaging, and showcase the benefits of their offerings. Additionally, we incorporated a subscription-based sign-up and payment service for purchasing their product lines into the website. Lastly, Webfitters built out a blog to allow Blue-U to share some of their expertise with the general public. We’re excited to also announce that further enhancement plans are being explored for the upcoming year. 

Check the website at https://blue-u.com/

We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Blue-U Defense and are looking forward to a bright future.

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