Our Work

Bit Space
WordPress Website, Custom Educational Curriculum Portal



Bit Space is a training program that hosts a series of camps for kids focused on bringing ideas to life through building and engineering. Their goal is to inspire and guide the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. Their team needed a business-facing website that could deliver information about them and what they do, as well as integrating their current Camps website into one cohesive design.


We worked directly with Bit Space's team to form a multi-phased game plan, with the end goal being one website containing two separate sections. The "Camps" section features things like registration, class schedules, and other related information. The "Education" side of the website will be featuring lesson plans and curriculum information for integration into school plans. Our Development team added Gutenberg, a newly released WordPress editor that makes managing your website more efficient and user-friendly. The website also has eCommerce capabilities for those who choose to pay online. 

Phase II

The education side of the website was the second phase of our project with Bit Space. This section is a full curriculum-based resource that has the ability to integrate into the Chicago school system. Students are taught how to use tools ranging from electronics to power tools to virtual reality software, and also teaches them how to use implement those tools into actual projects. To allow for a smooth experience for both students and teachers, projects can be sorted and filtered through an advanced search platform. Each individual project includes step-by-step instructions, safety tips, and video tutorials. Finally, teachers have the ability to turn on "Teacher Only" notes to help guide students through the lesson plans.