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Auction Talk
Purpose Built Interactive Chat Forum

They took my ideas and combined them with their expertise to produce a site I'm very excited about. Looking forward to working with Webfitters further as the site takes root and we add more features.
Rick Pecore : Auction Talk/Diversion Motors

We love working with Start Ups! Rick from Auction Talk came to us with a concept. He is an avid car enthusiast and attends numerous car auctions throughout the year. One of his (and others within the car community) pain points regarding auctions was that they were not very interactive, and they made it difficult for attendees to get detailed information on the cars/lots. Rick was interested in creating an online community tied directly to car auctions throughout the United States. The goal was to create a social-like space to allow for car enthusiasts to communicate with one another regarding auctions, upcoming lot listings, and culture associated with car auctions. 

After an intense discovery phase, Webfitters worked closely with Rick to wire frame out the entire site. We combined Rick's knowledge of and passion for the car industry with our knowledge of user experience and web development to build a completely responsive, custom application that allows for car enthusiasts to create individual an account,view auction events, view and comment on lots and auctions, share photos, direct message other users, as well as request or offer their services. Users can also claim ownership status of a vehicle. To date, Auction Talk is only a few auctions in, but it has received very positive feedback and is growing within the car community.

Webfitters is excited about our partnership with Auction Talk and looking forward to the next phase. If you would like to learn more about this project or how Webfitters can help your organization improve your online presence, drop us a line below!