Email Marketing 101: How to create attention-grabbing subject lines

Published on November 2, 2022

You’ve got the subscribers, now what?

Now comes the fun part – crafting your emails! The first, and arguably most important step is writing an attention-grabbing subject line.

You’ll want to pique their interest enough so they choose to open your email versus the hundreds of other emails sitting in their inbox.

Why does the subject line matter?

The subject line sets the tone for your email. It helps provide a preview of the content, so readers have an idea of what to expect. The goal is to evoke excitement, urgency, interest, or any other emotion that creates action by the user.

Creating a compelling subject line will drive your open rate and can potentially increase your ROI. In fact, the average return on $1 spent is $36! If this hasn’t convinced you to reconsider your email marketing efforts, you’re missing out!

How do I create a good subject line?

It’s not rocket science; it just takes some practice! Once you have the fundamentals down, creating email subject lines will become second nature! Check out the four main pillars of a solid subject line below.

Other tips

Although you want to make your email stand out from the rest, creating too much attention can make it look like spam. It’s best to make sure your message is specific, short, and sounds legit. These insights from MailChimp can help turn your email from a flop to a finalist.

  • Make it very specific (Ex: Big deals on big ferns: Up to 40% off)
  • Make it short (subject lines under 9 words perform the best)
  • Utilize A/B Testing campaigns to determine which subject lines are the best for your audience
  • Use more than 1 emoji
  • Use more than 3 punctuation marks
  • Make it too generic

Remember: Keep it short, sweet, and special to get the most amount of opens!


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