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Information through technology has radically changed the sales process. When you think about it, your website is a constant 24/7, always open, representation of your business. You need to make sure the impression that it leaves is informational, easy to use, and that what they found on the site was relevant to what they were searching for. It is important to stay updated on the emerging SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques such as local search which will provide even more opportunities for businesses to be found. 

Research: Why SEO is necessary.

If you’ve done any research about an online website strategy, chances are you know how important SEO is. Integrating SEO lets you dictate how your website is featured in search results. When Google crawls the site, it will rank relevant information accordingly. 

How is SEO evolving?
how is seo evolving

Based on the way search engines have been developing in the past, it is unlikely SEO is going anywhere in the near future. Search engines continue grabbing more and more of a market share. According to Google, the number of people who currently search the internet through a search engine first, ranges steadily between 80-90%. This number is only expected to increase with the rise in mobile bandwidth and local search.

 How do Consumers Search? 

4 Basic Types-

Navigation (Maps, directions, local ect.)

• Information (Articles, tutorials, How-to?)

seo information

• Transactional (Ecommerce, Financial)

Transactional seo

 • Commercial (Business, Services)

commercial seo

How does a Search Engine help my SEO strategy?

When a customers find your business while using a search engine, it’s like free website traffic. Because of this, it is extremely important to personalize your website’s title tags and meta-descriptions. Without doing this, you are basically missing out on free organic advertising. Even audio and video searches depend on relevant keywords to complete searches. 

How can I improve my 2016 SEO Strategy?

SEO requires a continually evolving understanding of the complex relationship between search engines and the content a site provides. Articles needs to be unique and built around keywords your business is known for and what potential consumers are searching for. If you are not able to differentiate what the information means, you could be making a mistake that counts negatively against your website’s ranking in the algorithm.

Conclusion: Why SEO is important for business?

Web analytics provide the data you need in order to react intelligently to information. Translating the numerical and graphical information into understandable metrics can be quite a consuming task, however through this process, you can learn so much about how your website is performing and call attention to parts of the site that may need to be revisited. In internet marketing, real measureable results are important in determining whether or not your site is succeeding. A great strategy takes time, but making sure to include these tactics will help guide you to make your strategy successful.


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