Web Design That Converts: Creating Real Customers

If you’re a start-up or small business, then you are more than likely needing to generate revenue from all channels, including your website. Sure, traffic to your site is great and will help with Google rankings, but web design focused on conversion will turn this traffic into actual customers. Combine this with a solid SEO strategy to generate the right leads and you have a platform for steady revenue for months, if not years to come. Here we will discuss what helps with pushing your customers down the sales funnel and what influences them in their decision making process when browsing your website.

Features vs Benefits

Most modern websites today tend to focus on features, stating the obvious about your brand or your product, and not really portraying the benefits and how you’re actually solving someone’s problem. The importance of thoroughly explain the benefits of your product is what influences prospects to purchase. Your target customer and their needs should be at the core of your web design – which is why it is so important to have them in mind the whole time your website is being built. Answering the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’ is what will separate you from your competition and help you convert more prospects into customers.

Call to Action

Having an effective call to action supports everything mentioned above by prompting prospects to initiate a business relationship with you. You have already laid the foundation and done all the groundwork by explaining the benefits through your web design and website copy, so now it’s a matter of getting them to act. A call to action in other words is a prompt, inviting your prospect to take action on your website. This may be in the form of a free download, email subscription, or even a purchase.

Like the copy on your website, a call to action should also be focused on the benefits. For example, why should a browser become your customer? Copy on a call to action is also very important and could mean the difference between converting a prospect into a customer. If a call to action further supports your already established benefits by providing more benefits, then it becomes quite the compelling and enticing offer.


To truly capitalize from visitors browsing your website, then your web design needs to be focused around conversion. Too many businesses solely rely on highlighting their products and services instead of describing the benefits of their product and how this will solve their target market’s needs. Knowing your company’s unique value proposition and who your customers are is essential in creating a converting website that generates real revenue for years to come.

Courtesy of our friends at REDLINE Digital