Magento E-commerce Platform

E-commerce websites offer consumers the ability to explore a great deal of products and services, find prices without stepping a foot out of the house, and research detailed information. Being available 24-7 obviously has its advantages and these days with the high use of smart phones and tablets, shopping is possible from anywhere and at any time!
Developing E-commerce sites within Magento offers several advantages with our Top 5 listed below.

1. Open Source Platform
Magento is an open source E-commerce platform. Since this is open source software, developers have flexibility and can significantly customize any E-commerce store offering a large amount of functions to increase usability by modifying the source code and adding features.

2. User Friendly
Websites that are user friendly offer an enjoyable user experience and have higher conversion rates. Magento offers effective layouts with the ability to easily display and showcase your products and guides users through your website so they can quickly find the products and services that they are searching for and easily make purchases.

3. Scalable Platform
Mold Magento into whatever you want it to be. Whether you have a large enterprise or a small business, it can adapt to your scale of business and the complexity of your needed requirements.

4. Ease of Site Management
Magento has the capability to handle multiple stores or you can operate stores across multiple websites all managed from one admin panel which saves time when placing orders and managing sales.

5. Supports Mobile
With the wide use of smartphones and tablets it is a must for E-commerce retailers to have mobile friendly platforms to better offer enjoyable mobile shopping experiences across multiple devices.

There are different types of E-commerce platform available in the market, All have some advantages and disadvantages, in the end it comes down to your financial and business goal.

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