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Since most people search the internet using a search engine, it is important to make sure your site is properly constructed to be viewable in a search. Implementing an efficient SEO strategy can dramatically increase traffic your site. 

Do I need Facebook Open Graph?

When a visitor wants to share content from your site to Facebook, a crawler will scrape the HTML of the site that is shared. On regular HTML pages this content is basic and may be incorrect because the scraper is guessing which content is important. If you use Open Graph the Facebook crawler will find each page by using Open Graph tags. These tags provide structured info that is summarized to easily share.

Missing Open Graph Markup:
facebook open graph
With Open Graph Markup:
Facebook Open Graph

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is computer code that you program within your website to help gather more informative results for users in search engines. When a website has schema markup in place, users can see in the search engine results what a website is all about in an organized manner. Schemas tag things and classify them so they can appear in the best results. (Ex: Place. Product, Person, Event. Ect.)

(Image: Top 3 results have no schema markup, the bottom 2 have a schema implemented.)
scema markup


Are Social Media Share AND Follow Buttons Important?

Social media connects people who value each other’s opinions. If you have a business website or blog, one of your main goals is share content with others. Increasing brand exposure is easier than ever today. Naturally, people who see content being shared by their friends through social share buttons think it’s worth checking out.

social media buttons

Why are Analytic Measuring Tools Important?

Web analytics are an analysis of Internet activity in order to understand and optimize website. This information provides insight about both your website as well as its visitors. Analytics help you make educated changes to your site based on actual data. Once you are able to better understand your visitors’ behavior you can optimize your website to improve results.

Examples of Information You Will Gain In Analytic Reports:

• How many hits does my site receive in a specific period of time?
• How many of these are from unique visitors and how many were returning?
• How are people coming to my web site through Search Engines?
• What keywords are they finding me under?
• What other sites link to me?
• What are the most popular pages people visit on my site?
• Who is my average visitor? (Behavior)


What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the idea that people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. It is a psychological reliance on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is right and what is wrong. Because of the increased accessibility to internet and media applications, customers are becoming more informed all the time. Whether it is through news publications or neighbors, the ability to access information is now virtually limitless.

Product reviews are just one example of social proof. Other potential buyers see reviews from other customers and might be influenced by what they said about the item. In this case the business’ website might play a major role in whether or not a sale takes place.


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