A Local Company Fitting Organizations with Web Solutions.

Over twenty years ago, John Walczyk, Webfitters founder and CEO, was working as a funeral director at his family business in Green Bay, WI. On the side, he began coding in the basement to help freelance graphic designers in the area. He established Webfitters on January 1, 2000 and the rest is history!

This year Webfitters turned fifteen-years-old and it’s expanding faster than imagined.  The former basement business has grown into a full-service website development company with 15 employees. Along with our in-house services, Webfitters prides itself on playing well with others and maintains partnerships with several talented designers and marketing agencies including: Gagnon Creative and AMG Strategies in Green Bay, WI and Six Speed in Minneapolis, MN.

Over the years, Webfitters has provided digital solutions for companies large and small anywhere from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Boston, Massachusetts to Houston, Texas.

Webfitters Services Include:

- Custom Software Development

- Magento Stores & eCommerce Solutions

- Advanced Database Integration

- Specially-Made Content Management Systems

- Full-Service Website Design

- Strategic Digital Planning & Consulting

- Search Engine Optimization & Analytics

- Social Media Marketing & Management

“In the extensive solutions we offer, we keep it our ultimate priority to deliver customized products based on our client’s specific needs. None of our deliverables are boxed or canned solutions,” explained David Benton, Webfitters COO.  

For a small business in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Webfitters is proud to have worked on exciting, big-name projects over the years. Many of these projects encompass extensive behind-the-scenes innovations. Notable projects include:

Advanced Energy Usage Applications Used by Fortune 100 Businesses.

Webfitters developed an application to monitor power consumption; and based on demand, was able to adjust the company’s energy usage accordingly. The application integrated with energy management systems at thousands of business locations nationwide.

Long-Standing Relationship with Brunswick Corporation.

Webfitters built an advanced Customer Relationship Management system designed to track and generate leads, manage mass email lists, perform conversion tracking, automated lead nurturing, and more. National Brunswick brands such as Crestliner, Harris Boats, Lowe, and Cypress Cay Pontoons chose Webfitters for their website and CRM needs.

Web Software Built for Stoelting to Manage Ice Cream Machines.

Stoelting machines used by well-known ice cream and frozen yogurt chains are integrating web software developed by Webfitters in order to track health and report maintenance and warranty violations, product usage, efficiency and more.

Custom Applications Used by Wisconsin School Districts.

Webfitters also developed applications for Wisconsin school districts. The custom software application used by school districts for accounting, special education reporting and progress tracking, billing systems, and more.

Specialized Digital Solutions Developed for Polaris.

Our work with Polaris extends from an iPad application to streamline test drive events to promotional email creation to a media vault on steroids, which will eventually house more than 500GB of data.

While we’re incredibly proud of our big-name projects, at our core, we’re a humble business with a passion to help small and large companies with an emphasis on the local community. We take pride assisting area businesses to improve their digital efforts. (See more examples of Green Bay web development projects).

Essentially, we want to help the Green Bay area develop technologically through better website solutions and digital communications in order to bring local communities together, bring more business to the area, and ultimately bring revenue close to home.

Each and every project we tackle is unique in its own way, which keeps the Webfitters Team fresh-minded and driven to develop a custom solution. Owner and CEO, John Walczyk, is devoted to creating a fun, high-energy and family-like work environment that is proving to be successful to build our well-oiled team.

Know anybody looking for a web developer job in Green Bay? Know of anybody who needs a business website in Green Bay? Send them our way! Webfitters is committed to providing top-notch, transparent products with high-quality, neighborly service.