For a while now, we have been hearing a lot of hype over mobile-first indexing. The reason for this update is Googles continuing efforts to improve user experience and make the search results more useful to its users. In many cases smartphone traffic exceeds desktop traffic.


So, what is “mobile-first indexing” anyways?

Mobile-first indexing means that the mobile version of your site instead of desktop version will be the considered the primary and the baseline Google uses to determine rankings as well as determining what Google includes in the search engine results pages.

The lack of a mobile-friendly version of your site doesn't offer your users a mobile friendly experience and you may see a negative impact on the rankings of your site. The results?  A site with better mobile experience outranking you. (Yes, your competitors)

Google has not officially come out and give an official release date for update, but it’s coming without a doubt and you should start preparing for this update by planning mobile improvements or moving to a responsive design.

Don’t wait for Google to make the official announcement as this may not allow you enough time to prepare. Here is the latest statement from Google from on the Webmasters Blog from December 18th, 2017.


How Do I know If My Site Is Mobile Friendly?

To test your site for mobile friendliness (simply enter your full URL and click “Run Test”). This tool will test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device as well as supply a list of any usability problems or issues.


Now what should I do?

Get ready to make the switch to mobile! If you need assistance were here to help! Contact us today or call 877-416-7950.