If you plan to sell anything online, having an e-commerce plan is as important as your original business plan. User experience is extremely important.

Why is Social Media Important For My eCommerce Site?

Establishing your brand’s presence on social media is a must. Search engines use social signals as a ranking factor when it comes to search engine positions. A strong social media presence is a crucial base component to include in any branding efforts. This type of exposure helps establish trust, credibility, and transparency with your business.


Why does having a Clear logo help with brand identification?

Nine out of ten people will use a search engine to find what they are looking for on the internet. Since this happens, some customers won't land on your home page. Because of this, it is important to make sure e every page includes consistent and clear navigation. Having a strong brand identity communicates a company’s personality and its product value to potential customers.


Why is Site Navigation Important for eCommerce sites?

Online customers thrive on simplicity. Products need to be easy and quickly to find. Because of this, it is important to make sure your site’s navigation is intuitive with labelling that makes sense. Websites with a lot of pages, can incorporate breadcrumb navigation which greatly enhances the way users find their way around the site separate from the main menu. breadcrumb-navigation

Why does the Shopping Cart and Checkout processes matter to eCommerce conversion rates?

Checkout processes need to be as easy and short as possible. Having too many steps is frustrating to the customer and increases the chance of cart abandonment before completing the purchase. Ensure the checkout logo is always visible on every page. Having guest sign-in features also increases conversion.


 Why Will Using a Login box Increase Conversions?

Online shoppers want to make their purchases quickly. Social Media Login provides quick access without having to create a separate password and login. This enables a better user experience for the consumer and also allows the site access to their social login details. This is a great resource for additional user information which can help you target campaigns towards.


Is It Important to Include Payment System Icons?

E-Commerce websites have customers who visit coming from all over the world. Displaying payment system icons ensures the consumer knows the acceptable currency accepted across every site.payment-icons

Why Do I Need Social Media Share Buttons?

By showing social media buttons it provides a form of social proof. Seeing that other humans identify with a brand increases the odds of a purchase. Social media helps establish trust, credibility, and transparency with your business. Communication through social media outlets also promotes and spreads brand awareness.


Is it Important to have Phone #/Online chat?

Businesses are targeting customers more and more through online channels. Sometimes customers have questions that may not have been answered in the product description or customer reviews. Online chat systems provide customers immediate access to help without having to wait on hold.


Why Do I Need a Store Finder/Product Locator?

Store locators makes it easy for customers to find and visit your business. Your website should help them find the most convenient place to buy your product. The most popular allow your customers enter a zip code or address to get back a list of your nearest stores or products.


What are Trust Marks?

The increase in consumer scams makes buyers more cautious with online shopping. Trust Marks are small icons that show a security guarantee for online transactions and personal information. Consumers who see these badges are more likely to make a transaction. Each symbol represents higher security and safety for the transactions that take place through the site.


How Can I Increase Traffic to my eCommerce Site with my Blog/Guide?

A blog’s main purpose is to help drive traffic to your website. One of the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings is to add unique, high quality content on a regular basis. Every post is one more indexed page on your website. Each indexed page is also another opportunity to be indexed in search engines results. This is also a goldmine for implementing your keywords.


Why is it Important to Make your eCommerce Site Responsive?

All websites today should be responsive and tested. Having a responsive website means users can view it correctly formatted on other devices other than a desktop which have varying configurations. (ex: mobile, tablet, ect.) A mobile-friendly website welcomes all users of the Internet. For the best user experience the site should be optimized for the different layout changes when viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.




Any relationship that develops between a potential client and your business online begins at your eCommerce website. Despite its importance, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly online.


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