Often times, websites tend to neglect the significance of the “Contact-Us” page. When you only have seconds to provide the most fundamental information to potential customers in the most efficient way possible: the “Contact Us” page is crucial. For many companies, this page is one of the most-visited pages on a website, so to have this page low priority is a huge BLOOPER in itself!

I want to share with you some top contact page bloopers that may be preventing your visitors from reaching out to you.

Blooper 1: Hard To Find Contact Page

Now that Yellow Pages are a thing of the past, when it comes to finding business contact info, make sure your users can quickly find it. Website viewers want what they came to your site looking for and they want it fast.

Even if you have a showcase contact page, if it’s hard to find on your website it’s almost pointless. Don’t make your users search for it! 

Give this a thought! 87% of users are expecting to find the link to your Contact page either in the top-right corner of your website or in the footer (bottom).

Blooper 2: It’s Not Functional

Ok, I know that this is obvious (or at least should be), but take the time to test the page. If you have links that are broken or don’t properly send obviously this is just simply bad for business. Let’s not defeat the purpose of the contact page here!

Blooper 3: Unfriendly Forms


Naturally, it would be nice to ask for lots of information from visitors and get it, right? Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Users want to spend as little time as possible filling out information. Simple contact forms always pay off.

Fact: Conversion rates decrease as the number of fields to-be-filled out increases. To avoid frustrating your visitors try following these rules of thumb:

1. Don’t require your visitors to enter their e-mail more than once.

2. Send an automated confirmation thank you page letting your visitors know you have received their letter and will reply as soon as possible.

3. Include only required fields to be filled out in the form. Extra fields are just distracting and can feel overwhelming.

4. Display errors while the user is typing prior to clicking on the submit button.

5. Don’t overdue the captcha. If you use captcha keep it simple like a math question rather than unclear letters and numbers.

6. Placing the form fields vertically instead of side by side reduces the number of eye movements your visitors need to make.

Blooper 4: Lack of Choices

Give choices! When creating your contact page its good practice to give your visitors a choice and show the different ways that they can reach out to you.

A contact us page, typically provides:

 E-mail address so that your users can easily and quickly send you an email.

 Phone number in the event your visitor would rather give a quick call to ask his/her answers

Physical address which is crucial in your online marketing.

Form that a user can fill out so the business can understand the reason for contact.

Social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn so your visitors have a way to engage with your business.

Thank you page that is displayed to a user after a form is submitted letting them know that the form was received and how you’ll be contacted.

Blooper 5: Designed without Brand in Mind

When you design your contact us page make sure it fits the same look of the rest of your website. It’s no secret that well-designed contact page that grabs your attention is critical for converting your visitors into customers. Click here to read about the importance of brand consistency.