Domain Name Procurement

Domain Name Procurement

The domain name is the web address for the site. Different types of domains can include: .com, .net, .org. Most non-profit organizations have an .org address, but a .com address is more common and therefore easier to remember. Domain names are purchased for a specific period of time and need to be renewed. It is important that the domain name be easy to remember and as descriptive as possible.

Cost: Domain names typically cost around $10 - $20/year

Site Design


The site is mapped out, showing the web pages to be created and how they are linked together. Each page of the web site is essentially a separate HTML or PHP page that is created and stored on the hosting server. You can have as many pages as needed.

For this web site, a landing (home) page would be created with basic information and would including several links to additional information/features. A typical feature is to have teaser copy on the home page that is interesting and makes the user want to find out more on additional pages. For example we use one for PHP Programming, another for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the third call out for our Custom Web Applications that put your business tools on the web and are available from anywhere.

For navigation, a typical website has a list of links at the top or left guiding users to all of the information on the site. This navigation feature is then duplicated on each page. In addition to the common navigation, all of the pages of the site would have a similar layout and design that ties them together.

Cost: The site design/architecture is typically done with the webpage design and production. Depending on the complexity of the site, it can cost from a few hundred dollars for a site with minimal graphics and pages to a few thousand for a more substantial site. These costs are typically a one-time expense; with additional cost for adding pages at a later time.

Webpage Design


Once the layout of the site has been established, the individual web pages are designed. This includes creating the page layout, selecting colors, fonts, and any other elements needed.

Artwork is then created for the web pages. This artwork includes a logo, photos, and other design elements, such as navigation tools. These images are typically created in a program such as Photoshop and hosted on the server to be called up when a web page is presented.

Cost: See above.



The copy for the site includes all of the text to be presented to the user. This copy, along with the images, is what the user will read.

Cost: A good outside copywriter can cost around $50 - $100 per hour. The total amount will depend on the size of the site and the need for outside copywriting.



After the images and the copy have been created, an HTML web page is produced. These coded pages are the files that make up the web site. Each page is made up of both copy and images and the HTML code is created to make each page to be viewed.

Cost: See above. Production can be split out from the design work.

Web hosting

Web hosting

The HTML files that have been produced are then loaded into a server that is used to deliver the web site to any user who selects the domain name address. Web hosting is separate from the domain name registration, although many companies provide both services.

A reputable hosting company, such as Webfitters Hosting, is important as you want the site to always be available, with no down time. The amount of traffic also needs to be considered. With a site that can experience tremendous traffic at specific times - such as after a broadcast - you want to have a system that can handle the load.

Reporting of web site traffic is generated by the hosting company. This will show the number of pages viewed, where the visitor came from, etc.

Cost: The cost of web hosting is around $15 - $45. For a project that can generate tremendous spikes in traffic, it may be more expensive to have that capability.

Web Mail


Webmail provides the ability to access email from any computer. It is a secure way to log in and out when on the road. Our system resembles many email clients and is designed with ease of use in mind. If you are hosted with Webfitters, you can login to webmail here or by using the link at the top of our website.